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The Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) has done an exceptional job with distance learning during the shelter-in order. My son never missed a single session because the staff at TLC were able to get the distance learning model up and running quickly. I thought my son would have difficulty staying engaged, but his clinician has an ability to keep him fully engaged and focused while they work through his reading and language arts curriculum. Now, my son really enjoys distance learning and I can't thank TLC enough for providing one-on-one attention needed so that he can be successful with his academic goals

Christa B.


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“I highly recommend Maria Bagby and her Learning Program! My son’s processing skills improved, he’s able to complete schoolwork independently, and his confidence in his abilities has increased. He says, “Everything is just easier now!” I love the focus on addressing the underlying issue, rather than merely teaching them to cope. The whole team was amazing — caring, patient, & positive — under Maria’s direction. My son was challenged without being pushed to frustration. This was a worthwhile investment in my child’s future!”

Kristen S. 

“I can’t say enough about Maria’s Learning Program and all the education clinicians who work there! It’s been a blessing in my family’s life, especially my 13 year old son’s life. He is about 4 years behind in all academic areas. He has already grown 1 to almost 2 grade levels in reading, in just a few months. Amazing! His confidence and self-esteem are improving and there are more smiles on his face. We look forward to all the growth he’ll make with Maria and her team.”

Janie S.

Can’t say enough good things about Maria and her team. My daughter has a challenging central processing disorder and went through multiple rounds of evaluation and testing by a variety of specialists. Happily, we were eventually referred to Maria Bagby and her team of education clinicians. A year later, my daughter has improved tremendously in her ability to focus, work independently, and her self confidence. I recommend Maria and her team without hesitation.”


"Maria and her team are nothing short of a miracle. I will admit I was initially hesitant. However, I am not being dramatic when I say it was worth every penny and it changed my son's academic life forever. My son had struggled all through elementary school with reading comprehension and math. Our school said they were unable to help him. While working with Maria and her team, his confidence skyrocketed. He started to understand concepts he never understood before. The lightbulb clicked on and burned bright! My son is now able to do his homework by himself. He loves school and feels great about himself."

Ann Marie C.

"Maria Bagby is a genius, for sure. There was no other place to turn when our grandson (a very bright guy) was inverting and transposing numbers in math and failing to understand alphabet letters and their sounds. He was way behind in kindergarten and not ready for 1st grade. After just a few months of their outstanding help, our grandson is now doing 2nd grade math! And he's actually reading and writing now, is learning how to learn, and he's happier than he's ever been. Thanks to Maria and her expert team of specialist, he's a 6 year old success! I can only imagine what would have happened if we hadn't found TLC." 

Shannon P.

"Maria and her program have changed our lives. That is a pretty powerful statement but it is true. Our son has been struggling for years in school. We have tired everything from holding him back a year, traditional tutoring, everything and getting the same results. Poor reading comprehension, distracted easily, handwriting that no one could read and a child who hated school. Maria has been able to not only show our son his brilliance but has shown us as well. Their approach has been UNIQUE to his development and motivation. Happy to report that he is at grade level in most areas, loves to read and not only learning to write but LOVING to write."

Nicole M.

Click below to get a FREE copy of our #1 Ultimate Learning Skills Roadmap today!